Friday, January 16, 2015

[DF] Runner with Queued Actions

Hi, I'm Dan, and I'm a developer at Amplify Education in NY. I graduated ages ago, but I've always loved a good excuse to try to program a game in too short a period of time. I'm usually overly ambitious in my game jams, so let's try to keep this one simple.

I'm going to make an endless runner that involves a dude running away from a giant head. Instead of jumps, the user will perform delayed actions (which might still be jumps, but might also be opening doors, who knows!). The player will use a gesture to describe a future action and when the character reaches that point in the level, he'll take that action. I'm also going to try draw it in a sorta isometric fashion.

Honestly, half of this game jam is for me to try to write a game in RxJS. That's a lot of additional technical risk, so I'm going to try to limit my desires for the game feature-wise. I'll render it on Canvas and write my own touch events. I don't think I'll aim for it to on mobile devices, but it shouldn't NOT work on them.
I'll be using Photoshop for art (bitmaps). Vectors would be great, but I haven't gotten a work pipeline for them down yet.
I'll be using Git for source control. I'll probably build it off of my existing repo where I tried to get rendering to work.
I'll be hosting the game on AmazonS3, but it's all static context so easy peezy.

I plan to work whenever I have free time! 

 - Level Loading and end states
 - A dude running
 - Work out issues with reactive patterns
 - Basically an endless runner

 - Perform delayed actions
 - Render delayed actions
 - Obstacles that can be dodged
 - Basically the interesting mechanics

 - Make it look pretty
 - Get one level to feel good
 - Find a free sound file to use

Here is some quick art I made for placeholders.
The dog is the only one I like, I'll try to use that style moving forward. The running dude is awful!


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