Sunday, January 18, 2015

[SAD] Diggy Ground - Progress and no progress

Yesterday I ended up being incredibly busy in such a way that I never reached a computer, let alone getting any game jam work done: So, I am going to be taking some extra time for the game jam, finishing up tonight if not tomorrow morning. It has been about 36 hours since I last worked on my game, so if we factor in an additional 36 hours, my game jam would end tuesday morning. By Friday night, I had finished implementing the basic mechanics: digging downwards and to the sides, smooth animations for all motions, infinitude of motion, and keeping track of distance. Now I just need to add a time/air limit, and it becomes a game, then I have to add varying blocks, so that it can be a somewhat interesting game, then I will play around with polish features like making things look better, a start screen, etc.

A current Screenshot of the game: (yes, the small red thing in the corner is distance/score, I will need to make that a bit bigger):

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