Friday, January 16, 2015

[PhD] Falling Blocks Update!

Thanks again to everyone who tested and commented on my game! I have now successfully updated the game to include the "falling blocks" mechanic common to many other puzzle games. I think that this adds a layer of strategy to the game that wasn't present before, and makes the player feel like they're a bit more in control of their score.

Play the game here.
Read the instructions in my previous post here.

Cascading Symbols in action

For the impatient player, I have also made the "restart" button appear while the game is playing. Thus if you're having a bad run, you can now restart mid-game! (This forfeits your score, however, so be careful!)

Things still on the agenda include:
  • Title Screen
  • Some kind of instructions
  • A way to change the amount of time you have, perhaps?
and then I'm done! Let me know what you guys think after this update, and I'm still taking suggestions on how to display the instructions!


  1. This is really fun now. The sounds and sliding add so much feedback!

    I would occasionally find tiles that didn't allow me to select anything else when I started on them. Sorry, I couldn't find an obvious reason or way to reproduce this. It seemed to happen mostly with triangles, but that's probably just coincidence.

  2. This is great!!! Is one supposed to be able to link diagonally? It seems to work that way for me occasionally, but not often. Maybe try hit detection using the inscribed circle of each tile instead of rects?

  3. It still seems to end strings abruptly on me most of the time, around 5 tiles.