Monday, January 19, 2015

[SAD} Delayed track - Game??

So, I am working on a bit of a delay on this jam, but things are still moving along. At the end of today, I think it is safe to say I have a game, but it is lacking polish in a number of ways: one is that it could look better, the other is that I have some very hard to track down bugs (things that happen sometimes, but not others, yay!). Anyway, I have a score (depth of your traversal), an end condition (air) and at least 3 types of blocks (standard blocks with 1 to 5 durability (shades of yellow), air filled blocks (blue), and bomb blocks that kill you (red)).

Goal for tomorrow: Fix bugs, make game prettier (Start/End screens). Maybe make less silly assets, maybe test it on a different phone to find out what doesn't scale correctly (a 6-inch phone with a 1440p screen might not be the average use case) and hopefully get around to packaging it and dealing with technicalities of actually getting it on the Play Store.


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