Monday, January 12, 2015

[SAD] Game Jam 1 - a card game

So, I did successfully make the game, just not as fully featured a one as would have been desired. The game is a fully functioning game, with playing and winning and losing, the following are the main successes of the jam:

  • Fully functional networking that has not led to any issues
  • Fully implemented rules of a card game
  • I learned a good amount of and Node.js

Here are the main deficiencies / things left:
  • I do not have the card complexitiy that I initially wanted, which is kind of to be expected
  • I have not implemented all the rules I initially wanted to
  • Almost no time was spent on visual elements, and things are instantaneous instead of animated which makes game events hard to interpret for the player

However, the skeleton of the card game definitely exists, I learned a bunch of tools, and I have something I can turn into a finished game pretty soon.

The game in its current form is playable at (requires two people to play, can be from the same computer in different windows)

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