Friday, January 16, 2015

[MM] 3D Snake

Hello! I'm Michael Mara, Williams Class of 2012, Stanford PhD Student, part time researcher at NVDIA, and developer at Casual Effects.

I have negative time for this jam (yay SIGGRAPH deadline...), but it's been a while since my last game, so I am still going to do it. However; in the interest of keeping it short and sweet; I am simply doing a clone of an old classic; with an overused cliched twist!

Enter Snake. The cliched twist is making it 3D, instead of 2D. I should hopefully have a prototype done within an hour of starting. Any other time spent will be on polish.

One interesting thing to note: in classic snake you use the arrow keys to turn; but at any point in time, two of the arrows do nothing (forward or backwards along your direction of travel). In 3D, you can take advantage of this to still use the four arrow keys; if you make the controls relative to the direction of travel (since you don't need keys for forward or backwards). Then the tricky part is just the display.


  1. That observation about the controls is really interesting!

  2. Are you going to do 3rd person? That seems the easiest to control...although it might be hard to plan.