Wednesday, July 3, 2013

[MMc] Victory

I'm declaring victory in the game jam, but fully intend to spend every free moment between now and Thursday midnight working on Castles & Catacombs. There's an entire game that captures the Monaco and Minecraft feel, plays with joysticks in a browser, and has a consistent retro pixel style of all original art.

It also has only about 1% of the features that we want to add, though. Tomorrow's a holiday and I'll finally have (half) of a day off to work on it properly!  Coding from 11pm to midnight every day wasn't really cutting it for making progress.

Congratulations to everyone! Our next jam will be in late August or September. I hope that Mike and I can both take off two days then to really host everyone properly in the lab. I was shocked to find the lab empty at 6am this morning! :)

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