Thursday, August 1, 2013

Machinis Ludo 4: Algorithm Jam

The Williams graphics group will run a two-day graphics hackathon to celebrate the end of summer research internships. Others are welcome to join us, but based on the short notice we're not going to do a full game jam and explicitly invite people.

Proposal Deadline: Monday 2013-08-05.  Projects can be solo or group, and need not be a game. This is a great chance to design a new G3D feature, implement a graphics algorithm that you've always been curious about, or just play with a demo effect (e.g., maybe in shadertoy).  If you want to make a game, that's of course welcome--I'm currently planning to make a game myself.

Start: 2013-08-08 9:00am ET (early starts and exploration are fine)
End:  2013-08-09 3:00pm ET...for real this time, so that we can have a cool-down party.

Desert Morning shadertoy sample
Sleeping and showering at some point in during the hackathon period is highly encouraged.  We'll have a mix of takeout and meals out in the lab--sometimes taking a walk for coffee, or half hour at the pizza place is better for workflow than plowing through and eating at your desk.

As usual, post your proposal to the blog before the deadline and then post regularly during the hackathon to document our progress.

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