Thursday, August 8, 2013

[MMc] Basic Graphics Complete

We broke for pizza and then reconvened to hack some more.  My iPod died--it had been playing for 12 hours straight! Here's the current rendering of Starlight2:

Ships in the starfield and popup GUI windows for inspecting them
The hexification isn't properly centered, but first I want to take on getting panning working correctly on the ship and main views to help with debugging. My task list, with completed items in green, is below.
  1. Build GUI infrastructure for popup ship windows (equivalent to the main view in a traditional RTS)
    1. Window render
    2. Window draw
    3. Window resize
    4. Window close
    5. Zoom control
  2. Ship View inside the popup windows
    1. Draw ships (with zoom and pan)
    2. Show modules as plain hexagons
    3. Left mouse selects, drags, and activates module
    4. Right-mouse pans view inside of a window
    5. Icon modules
  3. Draw main view that shows a "realistic" universe (equivalent to a minimap in a traditional RTS)
    1. Integrate starfield prototype
    2. Overlay GUI
    3. Show ships
    4. Show free modules
    5. Draw paths
  4. Main view interaction
    1. Support zooming
    2. Support selection of ships
    3. Provide waypoint GUI
    4. Warp-drive
  5. Module interaction
    1. Drag within ship
    2. Drag outside ship
    3. Drag inside ship
    4. Activate
    5. Target modules in other ships
  6. Simulation
    1. Compute dynamic commodities, e.g., heat, power, etc.
    2. Simulate attacks
    3. Trading (needs more GUI)
  7. Polish graphics
    1. Per-user color
    2. GUI stylization: bloom, noise, ripple on hit
    3. Re-coloring of ships

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