Friday, August 9, 2013

[Dan] Rasterizer Hindsights

so here at the end i have found some interesting issues things out about my rasterizer.

After attempting to make some optimizations such as tile or chunk rasterization and multithreading and completely failing i took a look back at how the rasterizer actually functioned. I found that even when i commented out the entire rasterizer code except the lines that created and transferred the depth and color Buffers. that or went to part of the scene that had no triangles visible i could never get above about 20 frames a second. I am pretty sure that this counts as a loss. However i had a bunch of fun writing it and got to learn about a lot of cool things that gpus allow us to do without thought. Also in my quest for real time i cut out some of my shading code which made some of the scenes look absolutely awful.

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