Thursday, August 8, 2013

Problems 7-10

Some more problems my problems aren't dealing with ridiculous languages, its dealing with the whiplash from changing languages so quickly and getting confused on basic syntax for that reason, and more mundane issues...such as using floor instead of ceiling in my solution for #10, which let one perfect square slip into a list of all primes < 2000000.

Problem 7: Racket/Scheme

What is the 10001st Prime Number?

Problem 8: Eyes

What is the largest product of 5 consecutive integers in <list of integers>

This one was trivially easy just by looking at it...not sure whether this one meets my "20" goal or not, as no programming was necessary

Problem 9: Javascript

What is the product abc of the unique pythagorean triple such that a + b + c = 1000?

Problem 10: ML

What is the sum of all prime numbers < 2000000?

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