Thursday, August 8, 2013

so i took a little break but have gotten back to work. I have got the basic lambertian shading finished and have done a good deal of optimizations to decrease the time within the inner loop. After profiling i can say that the greatest amount of time is being used to make up for my sloppy way of making sure that my rasterizer can render from any camera position. I pretty much just translate everything into the cameras space at each step. As the render is now it cannot truly render cornell box in real time but is not to far off. Here is a video, while it may seem that it is rendering really fast, that is just the magic of the g3d recorder that takes the video and makes it 30 frames a second.

I will probably work a little bit longer tonight and then get some sleep and get ready for a hard day of coding tomorrow in my attempt to reach real-time. If i fix up the sloppy coordinate conversions and add a better algorithm to determine pixel coverage i should be able to achieve real time. 

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