Sunday, August 4, 2013

[MMc] Starlight

For the hackathon I'm revisiting a game that I wrote in a month two years ago but never released because the original version became too large to maintain.

Title: Starlight
Platform: Windows
Players: 1 (maybe)
Concept: An RTS where your "empire" is a spaceship that you can fly. Add new rooms, upgrade the hull, trade and battle with other ships.

Related Games:  Galaxy Trucker, Minecraft, FTL, The Ur Quan Masters, Age of Empires, tower defense and RTS games

Technology Plan: 

  • Use G3D, 3DS Max, Photoshop, SVN, Audacity, CFXR
  • Spaceships are made from hex tiles, with math from my codeheart.js example
  • Minimize state and assets, e.g., 
    • Procedural generation of the galaxy and visual elements
    • Dervive all ship data directly from an single image of the ship
    • Rely heavily on emergence

Art Plan: 

Design Plan:
  • Straight RTS mechanics, except components are found and bought instead of built directly to avoid players having to learn a tech tree and recipies
  • No "units"
  • Emphasis should be on building and configuring the ship, with flying, combat, trading, etc. forming increasingly tighter reward cycles.
  • AI is (as always) a risk.  Multiplayer?
Early Asset Tests:
Procedural Starfield
Spaceship Rendered in 3DS Max

Spaceship Hexified on Load
Screenshots of Old Prototypes:

Fully 3D Prototype Emphasizing Flying
Another 3D Prototype

2.5D Minecraft-like Prototype with Intricate Wiring Mechanics

2.5D Prototype with UI

Combat in the 2.5D Prototype


  1. Hello I'd like to ask about the render of your spaceship. Do you mind if I use the 2D image for a non-profit postgraduate project? Thanks.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks a lot. Should I credit you as 'Morgan' or do you have any specific names you want to be credited as?

    2. Sure, Morgan McGuire. Thanks.

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