Friday, August 9, 2013

[Sam] Steady Progress

7 left, with 4 languages I really know left.
One lesson I have learned in the recent problems: I used up J far too early.
Anyway, now I am more so in "learn cool/interesting/reasonable language" mode than the "do crazy things" mode, on account of time...but Shakespeare and INTERCAL are still in my mind for future use if I get my 20 done.

Problem 11: PHP

Find the largest product of 4 adjacent numbers in a 20x20 grid

This wasn't too bad, other than PHP being hard to debug and me forgetting to put $'s on array indices.

Problem 12: Go

Find the value of the first Triangle number with > 500 divisors

This language was, for once, fun to work with

Problem 13: Common Lisp

Find the first 10 digit of the sum of 50 large integers

This was trivial in Common Lisp, though it could be hard in other I went with the trivial solution.

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