Tuesday, July 2, 2013

[Nigel] End of Day 1

Alright. Today I finished the following:

   1. Concept art completed.
   2. All needed assets created.

Concept Art

3. Base engine completed. (Try it here! It's very rough and buggy, but it gets the concept across.)

Now for an explanation. As I stated before, I wanted to create a game involving stairs. So, I went with this:

   -Player is attempting to climb a tower of stairs
   -Lava is rising below the players feet
   -Player must climb by hitting the appropriate arrow key marked above their head
   -The game continues until they die, and the difficulty scales as time progresses

Additionally, I will attempt to add an online multiplayer element in which players attempt to race each-other.

   -Finish adding assets
   -Enable multiplayer
   -Polish/Speed up game/Inject Fun

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