Wednesday, July 3, 2013

[Nigel] Finished! Stairaway.

I'm quite happy with this game. Not because it is particularly interesting, but because I managed to create exactly what I wanted.  

 Play Stairaway here!


I came into this wanting to make a game about stairs. I also wanted to make the game in pure JS, and with online functionality. I somehow hit all of these goals.

There are two modes: (Controlled by the arrow keys)
   - Survival : Press the correct arrow keys to climb the tower. Avoid the lava for as long as possible.
   - Online VS: A head on head race. First person to die to lava loses.

Additionally, the game has networking enabled, allowing for the following:
   - Server stored high scores.
   - Working online matchmaking for the Versus mode.

Messing with node.js/ to get networking working was quite the experience, and I feel I learned quite a bit through making this game.

Anyway, fun times. Can't wait to try everyone else's games.

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