Tuesday, July 2, 2013

[MMc] Adventure Graph

Castles & Catacombs contains a world of individual adventures, each of which contains one or more scenes. The picture above is the world map, in which adventures are circles on the road. The reward cycles for Castles & Catacombs are:

  1. Character movement
  2. Reaching items in a scene
  3. Completing an adventure goal:
    1. Clear gold coins
    2. Clear silver coins
    3. Recruit new character
    4. Beat the par time
  4. Unlocking a new adventure
  5. Completing all goals for all adventures

I've been working on the data structure that tracks progress through the game and the code for the world map that shows what adventures are available.  The world stores a table mapping adventure tags to descriptions. An adventure description contains:

  • Position on the world map
  • Criteria to unlock this adventure (e.g., clear all gold on four other adventures, unlock the druid)
  • Tag of the opening scene of the adventure
The map rendering code compares the description of an adventure to the progression state for the local save game and then shows appropriate symbols for progression through the adventure, whether it is locked, and whether it is new (flashing green circle).

I only had 45 minutes today to work on the game, so I'm falling far behind.  I foresee my team spending much of the 4th of July completing our game after the deadline.  I mean "completing" in the "making fully playable" sense, not "reaching a state where we'll never work on it again."

Next steps:
  • Follow pointers between scenes after loading all scenes to give proper coin counts when inside the adventure
  • Reset the state of adventures on exiting them (the entire world is currently persistent, which can make some adventures unbeatable if left in a bad state)
  • Redraw the gold coins
  • Draw silver coins
There's 16 hours left in the jam. I hope that everyone else is at least taking a short break for sleep.  Good luck tomorrow, everyone!

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