Wednesday, July 3, 2013

[Sam] "Victory" on-time

So, I entered with the goal of making a tower defense where all the state, both enemies and towers is nothing but dice...and I succeeded! Right now I think the game makes the jump from trivially easy to nearly impossibly hard a bit too quickly...but that can be ironed out later if I want to, and ironing it out would require some playtesting. However, the game now works with (I believe) no bugs or issues, is mildly fun, and has a beatable 'easy mode' (the only difference between easy mode and hard mode is that easy mode lets you know that you won when you reach level 25, whereas hard mode will just go until you lose...which, unless I am just really bad at my game or my recent changes fixed things substantially, will be soon after level 25. But anyway, the game is in a finished state, though I may add additional features, and the most recent version can be played here:

And, the proof that the game is beatable:

Overall, this was a very successful jam - using codeheart certainly helped, as did having a solid enough idea for the game that most of my time was spent coding and not contemplating what should be coded.

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