Monday, July 1, 2013

[Philippe] Setbacks and Learning Experiences

Well this past weekend was a roller coaster.

I've never had so many computer issues in a row before! Suffice to say that I basically had no computer for most of the weekend, so I have not made much progress in my game. On top of that, this week is abstract submission week at SMALL, which means late nights for the next day or two. I'll do my best to get everything compiled together, but this may not be a Game Jam I can win! :(

So far I have implemented the new puzzle environment where constellations are given to the player and then the player creates subgraphs by highlighting edges and vertices. This took a lot longer thanit should have, as at first I was trying to keep track of more information that I could handle, and run-times errors were haunting me. After taking a break and watching some Game of Thrones, I came up with a new idea that I implemented using only 1/4 of the code as my previous attempt. Although this wasn't a very productive venture, I did learn a lot about good programming.

I have also implemented the various algorithms needed for checking solutions for each of my puzzles. In the next stage, I plan to introduce the following topics through 5 new puzzles and 3 new challenges:
  • Spanning Trees
  • Hamiltonian Cycles
  • Perfect/Maximum Matchings
  • Network Flow 
 I think from here it won't be too hard to pull everything together, and I hope to at least get to the point where each puzzle is playable by the end of the jam. It won't be as complete as I had hoped, but who knows, the summer is still young..

Philippe Demontigny

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