Tuesday, July 2, 2013

[Sam] 21-hour update

Things are progressing well, I suppose I technically have a 'game' done: there are towers, there are enemies, the towers shoot at enemies, the enemies can die and get stronger after rounds, you lose lives if the enemies get through, all sorts of stuff like that. Now I just need to implement some sort of system of resources and some interesting game play elements so that the game is actually fun / challenging in any way (at the moment, you can still just place towers infinitely)

Note: The pink background is unlikely to be a final design decision, I have just been too lazy to get rid of it.

So far, codeheart has been nice and useful for making my life just a little bit easier - also, having the last game jam behind me, there are two major differences with this game that are allowing me to get things done:
a) I actually have a vision for the game, which makes it easier to figure out what to do, and
b) I am actually trying to make good design decisions from the start, instead of hacking everything together using magical constants and guessing and stuff

On that note, by one measure of progress, lines of code, I am already about where I was at the end of the last game jam - so things are looking up, I think the game might actually be mildly fun by the end of the jam tomorrow afternoon, and good luck to everyone else, whose games look like they are similarly coming along well.

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