Wednesday, July 3, 2013

final stretch

So i now have a working game. below is a video of me playing it. It may be confusing because there are two green squares. The top one is the player and the bottom one is an obstacle that i have been using to test my physics engine. The weird camera motion was also not part of the game. I did that to try and show the drops falling and hitting the block.

As you can see it still looks pretty bad and the playing interface is pretty boring and there are no instructions but it has a winning condition so that is good. 

I have been working on trying to add obstacles and getting my physics engine to work well with them. so far it is not the best but it has been getting better.

The real issue with this is that i wanted the whole thing to be solved by doing physics calculations. so if my collision is erratic and completely unpredictable then that sort of goes down the drain. I think i might be able to get it to the point where it might be predictable enough to include. even if it doesn't follow real physics. 

Pretty soon i will have to transfer from working on the physics stuff to actual focusing on the game play. So i will have to design levels, make the interface better, and make the whole thing more appealing to look at.

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