Tuesday, July 2, 2013

[CO'D] End of Day 1... Kinda

Alright. Clearly, it is Tuesday and not Monday. So this is more of an end of day one and start of day two kind of post. First of all, I've enjoyed using codeheart.js thus far. First of all, clone number one Pong-Like is complete:

Clearly, I've stolen a bit of code from the paddle sample, but also tried to update a few things (like using the vector class where it makes sense). Things I immediately discovered that were harder than I had anticipated:
  • Rotating text
  • Loading cool fonts
  • No matter what you do, loading a game from Safari on a mobile device is kinda, "ugh".
  • Wow, my generation one iPad is SLOW.
For those of you using CFXR or something similar to generate sounds, here is a nice little command line tool to convert those WAV files to MP3:

afconvert -f mp4f -d aac -b 128000 Score.wav Score.mp3

There are two issues that I didn't finish before the end of day one. The first is that the ball can get stuck in paddles. Easy fix, but not done yet. The second is that the two tap points for controls is not good on a small device. I want to have each paddle controlled by a single touch. Will probably make a second version of the game with those controls.

But, it was the "running in mobile Safari is 'meh'" issue that sent me to start playing with Ejecta, which I was really excited about. Basically I fell down the rabbit whole with the rest of my day and didn't get it working. :(

2013-07-02 09:39:57.555 Ejecta[799:c07] Creating ScreenCanvas (2D): size: 320x480, style: 320x480, retina: yes = 320x480, msaa: no

So, that is where I'm at now. Trying to decide if I continue with codeheart.js or if I convert my clone to "pure" Javascript and try it out with Ejecta.


  1. Loading fonts should be pretty easy--I do it in my own games a lot. Look at the Knight sample http://codeheartjs.com/examples/knight/game.js

    iPad 1. Wow. I'm sorry, man. You just made me feel a lot better about my iPad 2.

    1. Hehe... Yeah. iPad 1. I have budget for something newer, I just can't make myself care enough about the tablet to do it.

  2. Giving up on Ejecta for a bit. Morgan, you're just too nice. Codeheart is doing a lot to help make the programmer's life easy, which is great, but Ejecta is just setting up the basics and not providing a lot of the scaffolding that Codeheart needs to be as nice as it is.