Wednesday, July 3, 2013

[Michael] The end of the beginning.

I've fixed up the text bugs and finished up my level editor(!), which allows for straightforward creation of levels from pre-made parts, each consisting of a full physics description (using Box2D) and an arbitrary number of images. I've added in duplication and deletion in the last few minutes (I'm at the point where every few minutes makes the level editor or game significantly better. It's where I really like to be in a project). Note that since I was at home alone for the home stretch, I've put off the multiplayer aspects until after the jam.

I whipped up a non-trivial level and added an invisible goal that causes victory if you reach it.

Despite the things that cropped up getting in the way (I spent a large part of this afternoon helping out the repairman in getting my washer and dryer fixed, for example); I've technically "won" the jam. Far more importantly, I'm at the stage where everything I'm coding is fun; and the game improves constantly.

I intentionally bit off way more than I could chew for this jam: working in a completely new language, with a completely different debug cycle than I'm used to (gotta love those hours chasing down a trivial bug a typechecker would have found), integrating a full physics engine and creating a robust level editor. I used this jam as a concentrated period of time to get a large project I can be happy to work on off the ground.

I'm excited to work more on this game and I'll package up what I have so far and post it here later this week.

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