Tuesday, July 2, 2013

[CO'D] End of Day 2...

I mentioned it in a comment on my earlier post, but I'm done with Ejecta for the time being. :( Just a bit too complicated to connect with Codeheart for the moment. However, I modified my Pong-like game to play more nicely on mobile devices. Here is a touchier version called Pong-like-touch:

I started on my Berzerk-like clone today. The first thing I discovered is that I'm fairly certain I can't just color my sprites with an overall canvas fill color, which I was hoping for. This is sad, because I was really hoping for some interesting variety in the colors with that approach...

Player controls are in. Enemies are in. Now I just need to decide how to handle level data and collision. Then I'll transition to getting enemies to fire back at the player and move toward the player. Finally will be keeping score. After that I'll go back and finish up the sprite-sheets and animation of characters... Not likely for tomorrow, but I can hope.

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  1. There is no browser-independent way to modulate by a color in Javascript while rendering. You can extract the image data and re-color it ahead of time (I do this in the orthovoxel example), although it won't work in Chrome when running from the local file system unless you explicitly disable the cross-domain security check.

    There are some browser-specific extensions that add all of the OpenGL blending modes as well. I don't think that IE or Safari support these.