Monday, August 3, 2015

[MMc] New VRApp Feature Spec, Motion Sickness Notes

Here's my plan for the next few hours:
  1. Add documentation for VRApp::Settings
  2. Group initial values of VR options onto VRApp::Settings
  3. Add VRApp::Settings option to override motion blur
  4. Add VRApp::Settings option to mirror the undistorted views, instead of the distorted one
  5. Implement VRApp::DebugMirrorMode::PRE_DISTORTION
  6. Add VRApp::Settings option to have G3D auto-disable post-FX if your GPU isn't meeting the DK2 frame rate for a scene. The steps will be:
    1. Profile in onAfterSceneLoad
    2. Disable bloom
    3. Disable AO
    4. Downgrade antialiasing
    5. Disable antialiasing
  7. First quick-and-dirty version of the UI that will let you see the GUI but not interact with it

The following DOOM 3 mod video was recommended to me on Twitter. It shows a solution to using a 2D UI in a 3D VR setting that looks pretty good:

I also did some motion sickness research last night. That's because while a good VR experience often does not cause sickness, debugging is almost always a bad experience and recovery takes hours--not good for a jam! The following is just a record of what I found. It is obviously not medical advice--do your own research and talk to your own doctor before taking medication, beware of drug interactions, children, pregnant women, and nursing women should take extra care, etc.

There are three main oral products that can be obtained over the counter. Each is taken about half an hour before the activity, although can be taken afterwards in an emergency. Different people will react differently to each. 

  • Dimenhydrinate (e.g., in Dramamine). Almost always causes drowsiness, may affect breathing and interact with other medications and alcohol.
  • Meclizine HCI (e.g. in Dramamine non-Drowsy and Bonine) Still causes slight drowsiness in some people, may affect breathing and interact with other medications and alcohol.
  • Ginger (e.g., in candy, real ginger beer, various pills, and Dramamine Natural). Candy versions have sugar and some people can't stand the taste. For many people, just as effective as the heavier medications. A study on pregnant women concluded that this was better than Meclizine

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