Tuesday, August 4, 2015

[MM] New Dev Station, and another step closer

Just an average living room

With my standard development station setup, I couldn't move the Oculus back to an unobstructed area, and certainly couldn't make 2+ Kinects looking at the same unobstructed area. One trip to an electronics store twice as large as most supermarkets (walking the aisles made me want to do more hardware hacking projects), and an hour of rewiring later, I now have a setup that has 2 Kinects pointing at an open area, and

On the software end, I've pored over the Oculus documentation and wrestled with transformations for a bit, and now have a method for getting the world-space position of the Oculus external camera. Now to project the avatar correctly, I need only specify (and perhaps automatically calibrate, before the end of the jam if everything goes perfectly (haha)) the transform between the Oculus camera and Kinect sensor, which are fixed. I'll get some sleep and see if I can't bang that out in the early morning.

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