Monday, August 3, 2015

[DE] Leap Motion support

I am Daniel Evangelakos, a recent graduate of Williams College and a researcher at NVIDIA. For this VR jam, I was inspired by a video of a VR demo shown to me by Morgan McGuire (

In the video the player is in a dark cavern with a single light source. The light source is a torch that  is held out in front of player. He or she is able to illuminate different parts of the cavern by moving the torch around.

For this VR jam I want to create something similar to this demo. I want to have the player control the only light source. Furthermore I want the player to control this light source not with conventional inputs such as a controller or a mouse, but instead with their hands. 

To do this, I will be working with the leap motion controller pictured below. This device is meant to track hands and other objects in real time and return 3D models of them. 
Since there is no current support for the Leap Motion controller in G3D I will first have to get it working. Therefore, while I will still keep in mind my eventual goal I will consider this VR jam a success if I can get the leap motion working with G3D. 

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