Saturday, June 21, 2014

[MMc] Luxembourg

Game Name:

Team Members:
Morgan McGuire, professor at Williams College

1950's noir

Monaco + dialogue:
  • Switches
  • Limited range & melee combat
  • Item power-ups
  • Stealth
  • Dialogue trees
  • Collect coins
  • Main treasure/switch per level
  • Timed actions/recharge
Player Characters:
The Mastermind: Uses the power of the most-recently touched player character.

The Thief: Upgraded sneak and lockpick skill. (Like the Hacker in Monaco)

The Grifter: Extra dialogue tree choices, deployable white ferret pet. (A bit like the Pickpocket in Monaco)

The Engineer: Can enable/disable mechanical switches. (Like the Hacker in Monaco)

The Doctor: Can heal without a medpack, including himself.

The Muscle: Can attack without a weapon. (Like the Cleaner in Monaco)

The all-white characters and 4/2 male-female split were inherited from the base OpenGameArt assets that I created the characters from. I'd like to adjust that for better representation, but implementing game mechanics is a more pressing need during the jam.

Luxembourg is the sample game for OpenHeist, so I'm sticking fairly close to Monaco so as to have a strong gameplay reference. The game and characters are largely inspired by the A-Team and Leverage TV shows.

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