Saturday, June 21, 2014

Machinis Ludo V: Cooperative Jam begins!

Good luck to everyone with your cooperative ARPG heist games!

Some advice:

  • Work in short sprints
  • Focus on mechanics first
  • Start small and playable, and then add features
  • Post regularly to this blog with screenshots of your progress, photos of your environment and notes, and inspiration
  • Feel free to post to the blog with questions (about OpenHeist, Git, C++, G3D)
  • Keep your build working (compiling) at all times
  • Use report() instead of assert if there's a way to recover from the error
  • Remember to look at the visual studio console for report() messages
  • The detailed change log is here
  • Morgan will post about major new features or API changes on this blog
  • Submit Git Pull Requests or e-mail Morgan to merge your code into the trunk

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