Friday, June 20, 2014

Machinis Ludo Proposal (Game name to be determined)

Hello! we are Kelly Wang and Sam Donow, two rising juniors at Williams College working in the Graphics Lab over the summer.

Our game idea for the Cooperative Game Jam starting tomorrow is basically a heist game with different characters with unique abilities trying to pull off an assassination/heist. As of now, our game is still in the planning stages so we will just give a general outline here, but the premise of our game is such: a group of ninjas from a close-knit village are the sole survivors of a village raid by assassins from a rival village. Your small group is trying to get revenge on the enemies who killed the rest of their village.  

It will most likely end up being similar to Monaco, except the role of the player would be to catch the murderer(s), who is always running away from you. Perhaps the longer the murderer avoids you, the more opportunities he has to call for backup, and so the number of enemies on screen increases as time goes by. So, you must at the same time chase down the murderer, setting traps for him along the way, avoid getting killed or caught by the backup, and loot the enemy village or the fleeing enemy's pockets to get the funds to rebuild your own village.

Potential Roles:
Trap setter
Treasure Collector
Diversions person

NPC characters:
The enemies who destroyed your village
The bodyguards who come to attack you

Standard Abilities:
Stabbing with a sword
Throwing shuriken

Special Abilities:
Stealth/disguise (Diversions or Trap setter or Treasure Collector)
Speed (Hitman or Guard)
Strength (Guard or Hitman)
Teleportation (Diversions person)
Jumping (Hitman)

Katana (close combat swordsman for the Hitman)
Smoke bombs/Mines
Nets or rope for traps
Special shoes that make you faster

Outdoors- Forest, Caverns, Village streets
Indoors- Village houses, Tunnels

So there's a rough plan for our game, but of course as we begin implementation and actually begin writing code, we will get more into the game and will begin adding more detail! Our goal is to end up with a (somewhat finished) playable game and of course, build our skills in programming and game design.

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