Saturday, June 21, 2014

[MM] Pet Pandemonium Design

Game Name:
Pet Pandemonium (working title)

Team Members:
Michael Mara, research scientist at NVIDIA, instructor at Williams College, graduate student at Stanford University

2010's Greenwich, CT

Destruction + Stealth + Advanced Sound System + Somewhat Orthogonal Characters
  • Goal is to cause maximum headache for the humans
  • Character have extreme strengths + weaknesses
  • Full Stealth; when humans see you go to full escape mode.
  • Humans alerted by noise, noise reflects off walls
  • Points for property damage + inconveniencing humans
Player Characters:
You know what? I'm proud of this. 10min total for four characters, in ink even. Dog didn't even have reference!

: Big. Causes lots of damage. Least number of movement options. Makes lots of noise. Not terribly bright.

Cat: Quiet. Acrobatic. Can jump on tall furniture to get at expensive things.

Hamster: Small. Can crawl in walls (if hole is found). Cannot do much damage, besides chew cables.

Rabbit: I dunno. Eats carrots? I'll be happy to implement the first three by jam end. Wait, no! Telekenetic. Has psionic powers. Makes sense...

The one map for this game jam, I will be implementing is a McMansion with a large family.

Plan of Action:
  1. One character on screen moving using controller.
  2. Working walls.
  3. Items that can be destroyed
  4. Points for destroying items
  5. Goal outside of level; game ends
  6. Report score (GAME JAM DEFEATED!)
  7. Two characters on screen moving using controller
  8. Dumb human AIs that cause game to end when they see character
  9. Make sounds when breaking things.
  10. Have people hear things based on distance and come to see.
  11. Stop, reevaluate, make further plans

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  1. Nice character sketches! I had no idea that you could draw so well.